we never finish what we

by falling off a building

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recorded fall to winter of 2010 at what became the shredquarters when it was just a haunted house on briezy's haunted computer. it was my attempt to make my own "whatever and ever amen" the twelve tracks all mean something


released February 2, 2011

drum set, guitars, piano, accordion, xylophone
played by adam
jess helped sing on track 11
briezy and jess laughing on track 8



all rights reserved


falling off a building Columbia, South Carolina

this act began in 2004 and just turned ten years old. it's been surviving on the fringes of interest since the day it was first conceived. it's worth doing. it's that thing of realising you are your own best friend and you need to take as good of care of yourself as you possibly can and in so doing you learn to take care of everyone else. ... more

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Track Name: get meowed
i feel like my shouts don't make it out
make like a fetus and head the hell out

get me out of this house i can't stand the stale air
let my feet move my mouth, get me anywhere
the ball's in your court but you ain't gonna hit it
i gave you what's yours but you still just don't get it

in between me and the life i've accepted
are so many people i've loved and rejected
the portraits are hung in the halls of my memory
i won't take them down and leave those walls empty

it's not that love is beautiful or even enticing
it's simply a habit that ain't worth the icing
on the cake that i bake with my head in the oven
oh come up behind me and gimme a good shove in
the hatred you've awakened won't go back to sleep soon
i just have to face it. i know i can't keep you
from wrapping me in white sheets and what you call a comforter
i'll be allright once i'm out of this dumpster

the teeth in my mouth have all turned to white marbles
though words may come out their whole meaning is garbled
and the marbles that i'm losing they all just hit the car like hailstones
as you drive me away and i leave you there alone

and now it's snowing

i feel like my shouts don't make it out

is there any way to make this alright?
cos i gave and i gave and you took it all in stride
and i don't mind
how the hell could i mind
and this could be the chance of a lifetime
the sweetest sack of red wine
hot chocolate at bed time

but it just wasn't my time.
Track Name: do it for you
you don't do it for me no more
you don't do it for me no more
i got a lot to think about
i got a lot to think about it
i got a lot to think about
i got a lot to think about it
you don't do it for me no more
you don't glue it to me no more
hey you, you blew it with me, y'know?
you won't do it to me no more

you don't do it for me no more
you don't do it for me no more
"hey you" don't do it for me
don't do it for me
Track Name: the good advice that you just didn't take
you should get out now cos honey i ain't safe
i'm a tickin time bomb gonna go off in yr face
you should put yr shoes on and walk right out the door
before yr coughin below the smoke, crawlin on all fours
all i'm gonna do is ruin yr life
the way that you did mine

but you could still be fine if you leave right now
trust me you don't wanna stick around
see how this turns out
cos the ending won't be pretty, no,
the loose ends won't get tied
it's just me and all my problems
all blown open wide

all i'm gonna do is turn yr heart into
a lead weight like i've got

you should buy a plot
and throw in these memories
and heap red, red dirt over the bodies
and hope that no beautiful zombies come up from the ground

i'll just lay on down and sleep right where i lie
tell this whole damn town you saw my spirit hit the sky
in concert with the birds and how they flap their wings so hard
forget all the words i wrote and bury em in the backyard

all i'm gonna do is turn into what you prayed i'd never be

it's too late for me
we're in a burning house together
and both my legs are broken
but yrs are still good
and you still could make it out
this is your once chance, honey,
so take it for all yr worth
Track Name: i will be alive again
i will be alive again. i will be on fire again. i will be inspired again.

i will sing a song again. feel like i belong again. declare that there's nothing wrong again.
i'll have faith in hope again. crack a stupid joke again. feel my body float again.

i'll shake the ink off of my wings. i'll escape the dripping pen and fly around the room again.

this is not where this will end

i will dress in rags once more and carry bags through hotel doors. the sun must sag before it soars.

i will be so healthy you won't recognise me. i will be healed beyond belief.

i will be alive again. i will be on fire again. i will be inspired again.

i know this, i just don't believe it right now.
Track Name: put yr shoes on
put yr shoes on tie em up tight
we're peacin out of here tonight
when the preparations are done
we'll get up on our feet and we'll run

remember when you said you would do
anything i asked of you?
well it's time to do a thing or two
so when yr boyfriend calls you tonight
you gotta tell him everything is alright
but it's not, oh no, not quite
Track Name: curse w/ a laugh
there's so much bad blood
i think that no good can come of it
but if i get cured
i'll sing like a bird
there's so much green envy
and this boy's got plenty
or at least enough to curse with a laugh

when all that you got
is fruit destined to rot
and weeds you cannot pull
cos the ground holds them tight
all you can give is a shank or a shiv
the prospects are dismal that things will ever be alright

but i wanna get well,
get outside of my cellf
you'll see me in heaven?
i'll see you in hell

can you feel my hatred?
cos it's unabated.
it's pouring like summer rain
on your car's front window pane
and it's not at all yr fault
it's just i ain't worth my salt
and i up and run and left things half done

i swore i was cured
and i wouldn't go back
i shouldn't swear
mama i know that

but i swear to god that i'm gonna leave
you should never believe the things i pass off as fact

"we're a family band"
Track Name: you just missed him
every time the phone rings
i wish it was you
i wish it said you on my caller id
and everyone i talk to
i wish they were you
cos no one can do what you did for me

every boy that i see
i wish he was you
i wish it was true you'd come back to me
exactly in the way that
you used to be
before you got so lost that you could not see
a reason
to keep being

everything that i do to take up my time
to keep up my mind off of what went wrong,
well it helps a little
but it don't kill the pain
or take it away
because this belongs to me
like you did
but you left
and i'm short of breath
cos you did what you did
what you did!

every dream he gave me
well i'd throw it away,
for just one more day by your side, in your arms
and oh my god i hate him
because he ain't you
no this just won't do when it's you i'm missing


bless yr heart, just look at you
you fell apart and i did too

bless yr art, just look at you
you fell apart and i did too
Track Name: dirty grounds
we made a splash on the screen
but we're just a flash in the pan
so come on baby and take my hand
and we'll laugh so hard about how we hardly matter to anyone
and anyone is welcome to join in
laugh it up, laugh it up
it's real funny
so funny i forgot how to laugh at it
but i'm laughin now
cos i finally remembered how

we were makin a music so mad to be made
that a sudden stop was the only way
to save us from shuckin all the songs that we sang
about everything
we started to sing about nothing
but everything and everything that everything isn't
and everything is what it was and it's been
and it will be again, someday, someway, and somehow
i'm thinkin about it now
cos i finally remembered how

we could be doctors of disco if we moved to san francisco
got it goin in a way it'd not been
you say "miracles don't grow on trees"
well look at these that i picked for you
without you having to ask me to
i spent some time and i signed a dotted line
waiting for the bus to take me one more time
to the town where the lost feel found on the dirty grounds
that they're around, and they've a right to be around

we were painfully shy,
but believing the lie that we shouldn't be,
we tried so hard to speak up
but our voices ignored,
oh we angrily swore that we
would keep our mouths shut forevermore
well didn't you get mine open a little while?
i wish you still did but i guess you still do
cos i'm thinkin of sayin all this to you
but it wouldn't do to bother you

we were sweet sacks of red wine
eating chocolate at bedtime
til the money went
and away i got sent to the factory where
they got jobs to spare so menial
well i do declare that i don't want no memorial
for the little i've done
oh it sure was fun while it lasted
and you'll be the last one i let leave so easily
because now i see that i was so
arrogant about that

we made a splash on the screen etc...
Track Name: faith coma (a coma about faith)
i can't face you but i can't erase you
it seems such a waste, you know,
to feel so inconsolable
so i'm out celebrating
cos i got too damn tired of waiting
but i got a heavy weight inside
like i was carrying a great thing that up and died
so i'll be leavin it here tonight
cos i don't know how to believe right
although i've tried and tried, it's so trite
to say that i want to burn out bright

i can't recieve you for want of the right way to believe you
cos i been told a million dirty lies
by so many wolves as sheeps disguised
so i'm in hedonist trainin
in hopes i'll escape those draining thoughts
i've gone to bed with Satan
and i don't regret it, not at all
but if i wake up tomorrow
to find i've been put on death row
well i really hope they take it slow
so i know who i am before i go

i can't please you
cos i don't wanna appease you
i wanna seize you by your holy throat
and wrestle you down into pure white snow,
screaming "what do you want from me?
"cos all i want is honesty.
"tell me what i can believe
"and what i need to tell to please leave me alone"

somewhere in what my mom says
loud shouts and simple silences
it's hinted at in the books I've read
it's meant by my grandma's quiet prayers
it's in the whispering wind's breath
it's in the summer's noble death
it's in the ocean's murky depths
it's in the mountain's highest crests
i know that i can find you there
i can find you everywhere

we're growing up we're moving on we are progressing

open your mouth and taste that air
breathe in the fresh and quiet air
Track Name: dragonfly (all will be well)
here's a puzzle to solve, fit the pieces together
you can flip em or revolve, but they'll fit like a fetter
it's my body that you want and it ain't my heart and it ain't my soul
so darlin, why shouldn't i give it to you? cos i surely don't need it at all
but all you'll get from me is an apology

found an egg on the ground
from last easter, it was hiding there
waiting to be found
so i set it back down
so it could bring joy to a child in the coming spring
it just doesn't add up, those mistakes that i will never
justify no matter how i try
two god-given years of my life,
i spent them lovin on a drgonfly
and i don't know why
all you'll get from me is an apology
all you need from me is an apology

"I'm so sorry!"

i don't have no words left
cos i wasn't listenin
it's yr life at stake
it's yr life at stake!

all will be well come easter
i'll get better. i'll get stronger
i'll be so healthy that you won't recognise me
i'll be bitter no longer
them days are all behind me
i have been healed
i won't go back
Track Name: the things we did last summer
it's just music.

rather than tuning the guitar to the piano i tried to bend the strings the right notes, and it came out kind of sounding like there was a fiddle on the track.
Track Name: holidays
holidays are murder in a can for people with a displaced sense of family