the persistent window

by falling off a building

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these songs were recorded as part of a spiritual fumigation preparing hank's new house for the wonderful family that will live there. i found rhythms in these older and newer songs of mine that i could only find there in that house.


released December 15, 2012

adam - guitar and vocals
hank - whistlin, suggestion



all rights reserved


falling off a building Columbia, South Carolina

this act began in 2004 and just turned ten years old. it's been surviving on the fringes of interest since the day it was first conceived. it's worth doing. it's that thing of realising you are your own best friend and you need to take as good of care of yourself as you possibly can and in so doing you learn to take care of everyone else. ... more

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Track Name: high five hands
take that medicine and throw it to the dogs, take the things you win and count them as a loss, weren't we shatterproof, weren't we tough as nails, did i matter to you, did i matter to myself?

by the kitchen door, by the kids that kicked us out, by the hidden whore who did things i think about, well she made her mark when she made up her maiden's mind.

we will sing less, we will drink more, and i'll barely know what for and when our time ends, we will call it friends and we will high five hands as we head out the door.

is our love a lie, is our love alive and well? am i gonna fry in the peanut oil pits of hell, cos i sure wanna die when i think how i hurt you, am i gonna fly to some joy beyond the blue?

so much better now, so much braver than before but you won't get her out, won't pull her through that door, she will stay in there, she will stay where you can't go, so make yourself scarce, cos the whole place is set to blow.

and that brass band keeps on playing and they hearken down my halls. and that brash sound is so hopelessly loud that i wanna sleep beneath its power, i think i get it now.
Track Name: misteaks
i made a promise to myself so long ago that i would always stay till the end of the show so now i can't help knowing the thing you know: a long fall from the tree to the ground below.

in the time it takes to learn from the mistakes you made before you'll make so many more.

i think i'll sharpen the ax, i got some things to chop. you threw up in the kitchen, i used my head as a mop, cos i can never quite tell when it's time to stop
Track Name: you don't plan
i know i'll be on tap again, it's just a matter of when you don't sleep inside your bed that often like the sheets that dress your coughin up more than you've wanted to and now you're askin me to front you but it's to be an ice cold tile til i get paid again.
all the fruits we grasped to feast on rotting on the lawn as i'm standing here pretending that the camera's always on. hear the cars pass laughs at jokes no one will ever tell me that i'm dreamin when i'm screamin that you just don't understand so well.

now that i'm goin hungry i can finally taste the air. i'll breathe so much fresh quietness, leave so much undeclared. cos i don't want no kind of banquet where all they serve's immoral bread, at least that's what the dorrell said.

"if you were gonna do it, you would've just up and done it. you don't plan."

i'm gonna hunt you down i'm gonna find out where you are. i'm gonna put a parental foot right through that red guitar. you're drivin yourself crazy and it's us that bought the car, what have i done? good god let me achieve a pun!

i thought you'd be impressed by how long i could hold my breath but i messed up and just kept holdin out til there was nothing left.
Track Name: the warmth
we made a splash on the screen but we're just a flash in the pan so come on baby and take my hand and we'll laugh so hard about how we hardly matter to anyone and anyone is welcome to join in, laugh it up laugh it up it's real funny, so funny i forgot how to laugh at it, but i'm laughing now cos i finally remembered how.

we were makin a music so modeled on others so timely til we physically stopped now it lives in the air and its so much happier up there with the birds and the words we no longer say cos we let them just float away from our mouths to the sky and i can't get why but i know that i shouldn't try, i shouldn't try.

the alarms goin off, i kept hittin snooze cos i couldn't bear to leave those dreams that were keepin me layin in bed waiting there for a hope not seen, i didn't care if i slept away my whole life as long as you were there, but you've not been you such a long time. i gotta get up walk around find a way to be wide awake.

there was time when i knew that you'd be the one to let it go and i knew you'd snow me in and i know that the warmth that i loved was impossible and i get falling now. and i know there is nothing left to say about it so say about it what you will and we'll see what we get when we take what we've gotten...blah blah blah.

i'm thinkin about it now cos i finally remembered how.
oh i'm laughin now cos i finally remembered how.
Track Name: i lost it
i lost it and i never found it again. i said what i thought but i wasn't listenin. i bled on the floor and i bled on your wife. i turned it all against you. i'll turn it back tonight.

i never did it before and i'll never do it again. i never said what i thought on the day when it began.

i said it before and i'll say it again, but i won't say it right now.

you keep your windows closed at night, well i think that's pretty smart of you, cos you don't know who might be lookin in on you. i never did it before and i'll never do it again. that's not what i'm sayin.

how i loved you then and how i'll love you again, but how i hate you now.

you keep your windows closed at night cos you don't know who might be lookin in on you. i'm not. i'm not. i'm not. i'm not what i once was and i'm not yet what i'll be, but i am what i've always been:

a broken record.
Track Name: hummingbird
this is a wilco cover.

his goal in life was to be an echo.
cruisin around town after town, toll after toll,
a fixed bayonet thru the great southwest to forget her.
she appears in his dreams
but in his car, and in his arms, a dream could mean anything.
a cheap sunset on a television set could upset her
but he never could.

remember to remember me,
standing still in your past,
floating fast like a hummingbird

his goal in life was to be an echo
the type of sound that floats around and then back down like a feather
but in the deep chrome canyons of the loudest Manhattans no one could hear him or anything.
so he slept on a mountain
in a sleeping bag underneath the stars he would lie awake and count them
and the great fountain spray of the great milky way would never let him die alone.

remember to remember me,
standing still in yr past,
floating fast like a hummingbird.